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Prime Aquaculture

Growing for the Nation

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Situated in Singapore waters in the east coast of Pulau Tekong, Prime Seafarm is a floating farm half-an-hour by boat from Changi Village. The seafarm was acquired from its previous owner for its conducive environment for Aquaculture. It is away from crowded human settlements where the currents are stronger and relatively less exposed to Algae Boom (Red Tide) that is a common threat to farms located in the eastern coast of Singapore. A mangrove swamp nearby helps to maintain water quality through filtering pollutants and sediments present in the water flowing through it.  

Sustainable Resources

Prime Seafarm uses renewable energy and maintains biodiversity.  It is equipped with solar panels to provide clean energy for operations of farming machinery, equipment, office and living areas. It uses seawater treatment system to desalinate seawater and collects rain water for general cleaning purposes.

Harnessing Technology
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While Prime Aqua Sea Farm relies on sea cages to nurture its fishes, it also taps on a whole range of modern technology to enhance productivity and foster a conducive workspace for its farming community.

Modern innovations on the farm include underwater net washers, electric vehicles for transport, and remotely automated vehicles that can survey net conditions and observe fish behaviour.

Fascinating Farm Facts

Modern fish farming is a fascinating profession. Learn more about Prime Aqua Sea Farm with these fun factoids.


The farm is equipped with a seawater treatment system that converts seawater to water for drinking and cleaning via reverse osmosis.


Nets are employed to keep the fishes on Prime Aqua Sea Farm safe from natural predators like barracuda and heron.


Prime Aqua Sea Farm raises 9 species of fish — from sea bass and hybrid grouper to golden trevally, silver grunter and red snapper.

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