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Your “One -Stop”
Fresh Produce Trading Company in Singapore

Prime Fresh

Prime Fresh is a trading company of fresh produce in Singapore. We source premium quality seafood, fruits and vegetables directly from farms, packing houses, wholesale centres and key traders both locally and overseas. Variety, reliability, quality and competitiveness are what we always deliver to our customers.


Prime Fresh also represents the largest sea farm in Singapore with an annual production of thousand tons of highly demanded fish varieties. The sea farm supplies include seabass, fourfinger threadfin, red snapper, golden snapper, silver pompano, silver grunter, hybrid grouper and orange spotted grouper.


Delivering freshness, supporting sustainability, offering options, the best values and services possible to our business partners are our priorities. Our customers include wholesalers, supermarkets, food & beverage establishments, retailers, market stalls island-wide and to online platforms.


We are a one-stop service company to all your fresh needs!






The All Time Favourites

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Freshness & Quality Assurance

State of the art cold storage facilities, quality processing standards and having a dedicated chilled truck delivery schedule keep and maintain freshness of all fresh produce imported and acquired locally to as close as just-harvested status, especially for the fishes from our sea farm. The fishes are harvested, delivered to our retailing partners and possibly reaching the dining table of end consumers all well within 12 hours. No freshness beats coming from our local farm!

Not only do we adapt hybrid methods of sea farming techniques and apply advanced technologies such as AI monitoring system to monitor the health status of the fishes, we also comply to non-antibiotic farming throughout from fry to mature fish and tap on sustainable resources such as solar powered power supplies etc. This gives 100% assurance that our fish supplies are safe, affordable and of the highest premium quality.






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